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    Script The Change

Play-in-A-Day: a Story Bridge workshop

Retaining a sense of “community” that cares for one another across divides and differences has never been more challenged than today. Partnering with the Story Bridge team, we will create a space to

  • Hold challenging and truthful stories, and
  • Envision new stories of co-thriving

Research proven and award-winning, Story Bridge is based on a deep truth: the fundamental assets of any community are in our own stories.

Join us to share your story with others in a powerful community building process, rooting in the experiences of the participants, that culminates in an original play expressing the truth of people and place.

Pioneered for more than twenty-five years, in challenging communities throughout the United States and around the globe, Story Bridge has engaged people of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds in discovering their community with one another, and their innate capacity to realize the true Beloved Community they desire.

An immersive community experience of hope, healing, awareness, understanding and action addressing the opioid crisis in New London County, CT.

I’m inviting you to sponsor this inaugural Script the Change event and I’ve prepared information to support my invitation that I’m hopeful you’ll find compelling and irresistible.


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Welcome to the heartbeat of the Inspiring Hopeful Action website to which we encourage you to become a frequent visitor. Here you’ll have access to the latest updates on the activities, network member actions, abundant available resources and talented partners.

This continuously evolving and dynamic section showcases the efforts of everyone participating in the Inspiring Hopeful Action movement with a contagious energy and hopeful spirit. You’re encouraged to submit stories and images of your actions and to see how others have used imagination and creativity in engaging in hopeful actions.

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