It’s Time to Change the Country’s Narrative

The current state of affairs in our country is one of angst, fear, contentiousness, division and defensiveness.  There is no more appropriate time to change the conversation in our citizens, communities and organizations toward one of hope, personal empowerment and inspired engagement. This movement is intended to inspire individuals to become actively engaged in a national movement of hopeful action to create a better world rather than watching passively as so much of our positive potential is wasted or at least underutilized. Aquarian Technology Systems proposes to establish a hub, clearinghouse and action-oriented agenda intended to seed, share and celebrate the many ways that having hope and acting in a hopeful manner can achieve amazing results.  This movement is being spearheaded by Dave Baldwin, President Aquarian Technology Systems with the support of a national network of collaborators. Two of Dave’s frequent quotes serve as motivation for this project and its potential: “show me what you’re for, not what you’re against” and relative to making the world a better place, “tell me how you will, not why you can’t”.

“Hope matters.  Hope is a choice.  Hope can be learned.  Hope can be shared with others” Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D.

There are many individuals from many walks of life who have inspired this movement.  One is the late Shane Lopez, Senior Scientist at Gallup and author of the book “Making Hope Happen”. The other is Dave’s late wife Deb who, in spite of a five year battle with cancer, never lost hope that a cure might be found, that her battle might provide hope for future cancer patients and that whatever time she had left could be spent in service to and in support of others especially children. These two courageous people and so many others have demonstrated the powerful difference that a hopeful attitude and acting on that hope can make in making our human journey more fulfilling and rich.

The scientific evidence and our own endless anecdotal evidence demonstrates the power of hope in our lives.  There is no better or more critical time to be inspirational to others to unleash that power, grow a network of hopeful people and share our individual and collective stories and accounts of hope changing our world. Please support this most important movement joining others across the country to Inspire Hopeful Action in the following 8 Sectors:

  • Learning/Education
  • Financial
  • Natural environment
  • Business Industry
  • Citizens
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Public Health
  • Government

Phase I – Organize the project and the effort.  Aquarian Technology systems will serve as the lead agent and the hub for this effort.

  • Create an interactive project database that includes:
    • Members of the network (contributors are automatically enrolled in this network)
    • Organizational champions and endorsements
    • Contributing members and in-kind effort tracking
  • Host an “Inspiring Hopeful Action” National Forum (one participant from each state and the U.S. territories and possessions and 50 additional key informants)
  • Conduct personal interviews with individuals who exemplify or testify to the power of a hopeful attitude and/or have scientific or compelling evidence or information that contribute to a hopeful narrative for change
  • Secure a national spokesperson/people who can support the national “Inspiring Hopeful Action” cause
  • Communicate the effort, impact and highlights of the project at the conclusion of the project launch period

Phase II – Continue and Expand the Project

  • Frame the establishment of a “Youth Engagement for Inspiring Hopeful Action” movement
  • Expand the Inspiring Hopeful Action Forums to three (West, Midwest, East)
  • Creation of a hopefulness Index and Assessment (not prescribed but unique to each person, community or organization)
  • Identify and convene representatives of organizations whose mission supports or is compatible with the “Inspiring Hopeful Action” movement
  • Identify appropriate partners to establish YouTube videos, podcasts, Ted Talks, and a movie/video that salutes and showcases the various efforts, activities in initiatives and innovative approaches of network members
  • Continue to conduct key interviews to build the repertoire of hopeful stories and impacts and to inject a hopeful narrative and platform into efforts in the 8 Sectors

Phase III – Expanding the leadership and self-organizing aspects of the network

  • Establish “Inspiring Hopeful Action” hubs on a regional basis and with an outpost in each state
  • Continue to conduct key interviews to build the repertoire of hopeful stories and impacts and to inject a hopeful narrative and platform into efforts in the 8 Sectors
  • Expand the scope of the “Inspiring Hopeful Action” movement to include media events, participation in national and regional conferences, and activities in a manner that inspires hopeful action on agendas and actions of the organizations hosting the conferences and events.
  • Grow and expand the capacity and capabilities of the “inspiring Hopeful Action” project hub in a manner that effectively, efficiently and cost effectively supports the movement