Dave Baldwin

President & Chief Synthesist, Aquarian Technology Systems

Founder, Inspiring Hopeful Action

Traditional, routine or one dimensional are not terms used when describing our education program advisor and President, Dave Baldwin.  o, In fact, most family, friends, colleagues, and clients have a difficult time finding any one term to describe this consultant with incredibly rich and diverse life and professional experiences. Most terms that apply to Dave and Aquarian are more aptly described as platforms upon which services, networks, facilitation, advising, mentoring and collaborations are added to bring value. Dave is a futurist, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a synthesist, a team builder, visionary, leader, economic and community developer and global network weaver.

He has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years working on, creating or leading projects in diverse areas including business technology, K-12, career and technical and higher education, creativity, polymer and bioscience, economic development, broadband infrastructure development and use, entrepreneurship and innovation, foresight, multi-disciplinary problem solving and synthesis, workforce, energy technologies, transportation, creative economy and media.

The principal focus of Dave’s work and the driving vision for Aquarian Technology Systems is to build networks of talented, imaginative and creative people and organizations with integrity dedicated to collaborations for building a better future for all. His strength, and that of the company is the contemporary understanding of community, organization and technology systems, their interdependence and the ability to structure and facilitate emergent change.

Specialties: * Futuring and Foresight * Business-Education Partnership Development * Building Global Networks * Synthesis and Multi-Disciplinary Problem Solving * Facilitating Entrepreneurship and Innovation * Self Organizing and Emergent Community and Organization Development