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Sustaining Our Efforts

Launching, growing and sustaining a national movement requires significant and diverse methods and levels of support. While financial support is welcome and very much needed, it is by no means the only or most important form required to grow the movement.  The generous contribution of an individual or organization’s time, expertise, facilities, technology, connections, endorsements, influence and other in-kind contributions are essential to the success of the Inspiring Hopeful Action initiative.  However, this truly generative and collaborative movement is dedicated to sustaining the effort of all members of the network and their communities, not just Aquarian and its partners. As the network grows, its members will also benefit from sustaining contributions including assistance in securing technical expertise, grant funding, sponsorship and promotion of their hopeful actions and initiatives inspired by this movement.

In its infancy and in order to establish the infrastructure required for this movement, Aquarian has established a GoFundMe campaign to generate funding.  Your contribution to this campaign and its referral to your contacts with your personal endorsement is greatly appreciated.

These contributions automatically qualify you for membership in the Inspiring Hopeful Action network and assures access to the assets of this collaborative.


Hope In Action

Welcome to the heartbeat of the Inspiring Hopeful Action website to which we encourage you to become a frequent visitor. Here you’ll have access to the latest updates on the activities, network member actions, abundant available resources and talented partners.

This continuously evolving and dynamic section showcases the efforts of everyone participating in the Inspiring Hopeful Action movement with a contagious energy and hopeful spirit. You’re encouraged to submit stories and images of your actions and to see how others have used imagination and creativity in engaging in hopeful actions.

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