Jerry Millhon

Thriving Communities Team Leader

Former Director of the Whidbey Institute, Jerry with a team of inspired people (see below) held the first Gathering of Thriving Communities in 2012. In brief what we were exploring was how to celebrate those people who were inspired by a felt need that in spite of any challenge could be surmounted. The outcome over time would create new energy and connection within that community. We now hold the question of how can these outcomes be shared and replicated in any community. Bio available. Contact Jerry

Team Leader January 2015  –  Present President July 1982  –  Present Assists organizations going through system changes by becoming part of the organizational team. Work with governance issues, board development, mission realignment and internal organizational development. Executive Director at Whidbey Institute February 2010  –  December 2014 (4 years 11 months) See