Mike Green

Co-Founder, ScaleUp Partners

Consulting: Community & Economic Development, Inclusive Economic Ecosystems, STEAM Education (science, technology, engineering, arts & math), Innovation Ecosystems, Media Relations, Tech Entrepreneurship, Empowering Black Males, Improving Performance of Underrepresented Populations in the Innovation Economy, Collaborative Leadership.

Co-Founder, Executive Director, ScaleUp America: Official Commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative (Formerly The America21 Project)

National Speaker: Innovation Economy, Inclusive Economic Development, Black Male Achievement, Local innovation Ecosystems, Economic Inclusion Frameworks, US Global Competitiveness, Collaborative Leadership

My Deck: http://www.slideshare.net/amikegreen2/mike-green-innovation-economy

Founder: Saving America’s Black Boys (SABB) Campaign. Presented at SXSWedu 2013, 2014.

Co-founder, ScaleUp America (Clinton Global Initiative) & The America21 Project. Development of America21 as a leading nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to changing the economic narrative across black, Hispanic and urban landscapes, promoting Inclusive Competitiveness as a national economic imperative and connecting economically disconnected peoples to regional innovation ecosystems and opportunity.

Tech Entrepreneur: Founder & CEO of Vizitnow3D, Inc. & Epiphany3D (Digital Education 3D immersion games targeting STEM education)

Media Professional: Award-winning journalist with 18 years experience.

Columnist: Oregon Business magazine, Huffington Post (also contributor to numerous media)

New York Times Leadership Academy Fellow.

CNN.com training in social media.

Dow Jones Local Media Group: Conceived and led award-winning print and digital productions, including best online community engagement in Pacific Northwest. Responsible for implementing strategies and processes to seamlessly unify print and digital newsroom operations.

Military Veteran: 12 years U.S. Navy (Award-winning Propulsion Engineer / Recruiter)