Neil Richardson

Integral and Futures Minded Leader

An experienced adaptive planner, ecosystem builder, organization developer and community change practitioner. I have worked across the United States and in Africa on public policy development, developed civic engagement practices and led large scale political and civic initiatives. I have also engaged in numerous research and consulting projects with major business and philanthropic organizations.

Specialties: Organization and Leadership Development

Strategic and Adaptive Planning

Civic Engagement Practices

Dialog and Facilitation

Foresight & Early Trends

Ecosystem and network builder

Preparing For A World That Doesn’t Exist-Yet is a book I co-wrote with Rick Smyre and will be released by Change Makers Books in July, 2016. This book offers an approach to getting ready for an emerging society that will be increasingly fast paced, interconnected, interdependent and complex. Policy makers, business leaders, planners, physicians & higher education visionaries will be better prepared and able to adapt and thrive in the 21st century after reading this book and incorporating the Master Capacities described. Communities and organizations that catch the wave the of the emerging 2nd Enlightenment will be one step ahead and better able to serve people and create a more sustainable world.