Schools for Hope

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Who We Are

Schools for Hope is a project targeting 5th grade students designed specifically to teach HOPE.  We do this through a research based curriculum of lessons, stories and activities which explore the concrete actions one can take to create their own hopeful attitude.

Why hope matters.  

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that 1 in 9  children  attempt suicide prior to graduating high school with 40% of those in  grade school.  Hopelessness  is a primary symptom of depression and leading  predictor of suicide, making it a threat to  students around the world.

Brilliant research supports that HOPE is a teachable skill.  Help us #teachhope by  supporting  Schools for Hope, and by implementing our Hope curriculum, so we can help these students  become their most vital and hopeful selves.

What you can do.

We need your help!  Please help us show kids that no matter what life brings, there is always HOPE.

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