(Highlighting:  The Opioid Epidemic:  A call to action, a Leidos project)

Leidos employee John Hindman holds a soccer ball that belonged to his son, Sean. He watched his son grow up playing soccer on this field in Pittsburgh. Soccer is how he bonded with his son.

Let me tell you the story of Sean Hindman. Growing up, Sean loved to swim, skateboard, hang out with friends and most of all, play soccer. After high school, he earned his associate degree and worked as an electrical technician in his home town of Pittsburgh. When Sean was a teenager, he became addicted to prescription opioid painkillers, and spent the following decade in and out of rehabilitation. On Sept. 19, 2016, Sean Hindman fatally overdosed on heroin. He was thirty years old.

Sean’s father, John Hindman, has been a Leidos employee since before Sean’s birth. Not long after his son’s tragic death, John spoke with a young man who, thanks in part to Sean’s encouragement, overcame his own battle with addiction. This conversation reaffirmed John’s decision to become an advocate for preventing drug addiction, a crisis he rightly describes as “a tsunami threatening the very fabric of our society.”

John is determined to turn his son’s story into a positive for others, and Leidos helped give him a voice.

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