Dare to Imagine

“There is nothing like knowing it all to kill the imagination.  When we become expert, or think we have, we get the benefits of intellectual shortcuts and far greater processing efficiency – but we suffer the cost of closed-mindedness.  Having seen it all, we stop looking.  Having been there, we stop going.  Having done that, we stop doing.  To rekindle the imagination we would do well to rediscover the sense of awe – of wonder – that every child comes equipped with and that seems to seep out along the trip to adulthood.”

Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon.  Imagination First: Unlocking the power of possibility, (Wiley: Jossey-Bass, 2009) 59. 

Hope Leads to Action
on Climate Change

I became a climate activist when I was six years old. Since then, I’ve started an organization and trained more than 2,000 young people on how to take action in their communities, and attended COP21 in Paris, the NGO United Nations Climate Conference. Now, as a sixteen year old with my whole life in front of me, I’ve found that being hopeful is key to solving the climate crisis. When we feel hopeful, we’re much more likely to take action. In this talk, I offer reasons to be hopeful in the face of the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced, and suggest some ways we can all work together for our future.

(Adam Crellin-Sazama)