Vince Jordan

Chief Executive Officer

Vince heads up the entire company as a hands-on executive involved in all aspects of the business from client presentations, VR Experience development, and customer delivery.

Over the 41 years of his professional experience he has pushed technology to the limits to improve lives. From Oct 2014 to co-founding Lobaki in Jan 2017, Mr. Jordan was COO of Fathym, Inc. a provider of Internet of things and related services intended to transform data into actionable insight. Prior to this he has held executive positions with Longmont Power and Communications Companies – Broadband division, Ridgeview Tel, a wireless voice over IP carrier, Novazen an online payment company that predated PayPal, and ran the Wiltel Technology Center for Innovation developing new technologies such as the first commercially viable ATM network in the world. Mr. Jordan finished his technology training in 1982 from the Oregon Institute of Technology.